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THE PICTURE BOOK FOR KIDS: More Than 200 Terrific Projects Fully Illustrated for Easy Reference

By Roxanne Henderson and Michael Brown (Illustrator)

Now every rainy day, birthday party, and play date can be a creative outlet for children with The Picture Book of Kids' Crafts and Activities. WIth over 200 classic projects and original creations—fully illustrated and organized by technique and medium—children and adults alike can find ideas and supplies that suit any occasion. Activities using paint, glue, string, or Popsicle sticks—everything's in here, including: Tricky Tree Art, Deco-Decals, Dragon on a Stick, Whirling Whistles, Paper Gliders, Papier-Mache, Pressing Flowers, Terrific Terrariums, Bug Catchers, Pine-Butter Bird Feeders, Moonscapes, Japanese Wind Socks, Origami, Pocket Parachutes, Hawaiian Leis, Mobiles, Shape and Grow Topiary, Corn Husk Dolls, Backyard Birdhouses, Kazoos, Red Radish Roses, Cathedral Cookies. From kitchen projects such as soap crayons and pasta mobiles to activities for the garden, including driftwood sculptures, sun shades, and pinwheels, to edible art with marzipan flowers and monster mosaic salad, everyone will find something to make, build, or do. NTC Publishing Group, June 1998, Soft Cover, 255pp. $20.95

Proceeds from book purchases go to support the nonprofit, cultural, educational and religious purposes of the Manataka American Indian Council. Thank you for your support.

Notice: Occasionally books may be discontinued or out of stock without prior notice. With written permission, your order may be filled from the 'shelf'. Shelf books are new, but some may be slightly discolored or sale tags may be still attached. Fulfillment rate: 98.6%.


By Yvonne Despard

When children can take a hands-on approach to art projects that carry them across the curriculum, their learning and comprehension can't help but increase. Folk Art Projects - North America extends the study of North American cultural groups with 18 art projects based on folk art techniques and styles from the Far North, Americana, Native American groups, and Mexico/Central America. The lesson format includes: cultural background and an illustration of the folk art form, literature references that tie to the culture or particular project, materials list, complete, illustrated step-by-step directions for completing a project based on the authentic folk art, reproducible patterns as needed. Projects and materials indexed for quick reference. All 80 pages perforated for easy removal. Projects include: Inuit carving, Jacob's Ladder toy, tin lantern, corn husk doll, Guatemalan, plate design, Mexican tin art, Northwest Coast totem poles, Eskimo mask, Huichol yarn art, Chilkat blanket, molas, apple head figure, buttonhole puzzle, dipped candles, Pennsylvania, Dutch barn sign, Kachina doll, sun dance buffalo, and Navajo sand painting. 18 art projects for far north, Americana, Native Americans, Mexico/Central America. Cultural background and literature references with each project. This craft books series offers a broad array of projects to meet the needs of the elementary classroom. All lessons feature a materials list, illustrated step-by-step directions, and a drawing of the completed project. Craft Works for Kids projects use readily available materials. Art experiences feature a wide variety of mediums, ranging from drawing to paper construction to sculpture. Projects were developed and tested in classroom settings. Patterns are provided where ever needed. Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, August 1999, Soft Cover, 80pp. $28.95

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